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Nicolitalia Pizza Place

Food is so good... that it' worth the wait. Come on and enjoy the best Boston Italian style pizza at Nicolitalia Pizzeria in Provo, Utah; Is the product of a storybook family legacy. Is no fast food joint, but a legendary great taste is well worth the wait!

Best Pizza In Town

House Salad and Dressings

Pasta, Pasta and more Pasta...

Voted Best Pizza of Utah


"Remember the traditional pizzeria with checkered tablecloths, spaghetti with meatballs, pizza dough hand tossed, fresh salads, (root) beer, and of course excellent pizza. These guys make their own dough. They have their own house dressing. They have the best buffalo wings in Utah, nice and crispy! Their mahgarita pizza with chunky tomato sauce is the bomb. Best pizza in town, best wings in town, great pastas, nice fresh salads, great atmosphere, friendly staff, and a character for an owner. Nicolitalia is the best hands down!"


Because your opinion always matters.

“This is my favorite place to get pepperoni pizza in Utah Valley. No question. The fruit is delicious and flavorful. The sauce is balanced and rich and bright (not too sweet, not full). The cheese and pepperoni are a hit. And the salads are worth ordering. It's napolitano style, so it's a very specific kind of pizza. But if you want straight-up pizza with high quality ingredients, well prepared, this is the place.”

“Now my favorite pizza joint in the UC. I can't get enough of their deep dish margherita, and the house dressing is like crack. If you want a chewy crust with a cheesy, olive-oil flavored sauce and just the right amount of seasoned tomatoes, get the deep dish margh. Then dip it in their house vinegrette and thank your lucky stars your at Nick's.”

“This place has the most delicious pizza! Really high quality ingredients! And you can just tell they spend time creating the perfect pie. They have other good options as well, not just pizza, so I definitely will be back to try some more!”